The Wrenchers Journey

Wrenchers gives you the skills and knowledge you need to keep your car on the road. We give you those skills through personalized mentorship, and curated information, parts, and tools.

Personalized Tutorials

Receive personalized video and how-to tutorials to help you with the exact procedures of your specific make and model of car.

Curated Parts & Tool Kits

No more guess work. Wrenchers bundles the tools and parts needed to perform the specific procedures and tasks you're working on.

Mentorship On-Demand

Receive expert mechanic help when you need it. We'll pair you with industy experts that are trained to help you solve your car's problems.


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Our Team

The Wrenchers Team

Carey Smith

Masters in Design, Stanford University. For Carey, Wrenchers marries his two major passions in life, design and motorsports.

Will Meadows

Masters in Design, Stanford University. He has worked in strategy for both his own family wine and property company as well as for start-ups and larger companies like IKEA.

Mingming Jiang

Masters in Learning, Technology, and Design, Stanford University. Mingming has a passion for designing innovative educational curriculums, particularly around mechanical problems.

Steven Willinger

MBA Stanford University. Steven draws an appreciation of fast paced business models and products that can scale from his 6 years in business development at Google X.